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The earth is changing rapidly. We are having record breaking floods, earthquakes, landslides and much more. One of these record breaking places is Australia. Denis Bowden lives in Australia and is giving their viewpoint of what is happening in their country among others. Read what they have to say:

The world is currently experiencing the heartache of flood, earthquake, volcano and the ravages of famine. Wars and rumour of war confront us everywhere. America and Australia are still actively engaged in defending our interests in Afghanistan and the Middle East, generally.

My country is still enfolded within the awful grip of a massive drought. It has extended over more than three years.

The countryside is parched, and many farmers have their proverbial ‘backs to the wall.’ Many have walked away, leaving lost generations of toil by their forebears that built their holdings. The banks then move in and repossess the long-outstanding debt that can never be repaid.

Now the ravage of uncontained fire has us by the throat. Like America, we are truly a land of contrasts; and yet, we have so much in common, even beside our heritage and language. The same applies to our cousins in Canada… read full article by Rapture Ready on A Postcard from Australia

Pray for those who have lost everything. Their lives are in great distress. Thank God for the many who step up and give.  

Cited: A Postcard from Australia :: By Denis Bowden

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2 thoughts on “What Is Happening In Australia – By Denis Bowden”

  1. So many farmers are at the mercy of weather, God sends rain upon the just and the unjust..
    I pray that community’s and farmers will help each other.
    Thank you for the news!


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