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Trump Defends our Babies – Is God Listening

I am not a political person but I did vote for President Trump not because He is a Republican but because he is not in favor of killing babies. When I listened to his SOTU speech I could hardly believe my ears when he said, ‘All Children, Born And Unborn, Are Made in the Holy Image of God’: Trump’s Biggest State of the Union Moments’.

Proverbs 29:2 says when a ruler is godly the godly rejoice. I can tell you I was rejoicing at that very moment. God put President Trump into office and every believer is to not only praise and worship the mercy and goodness of God but take this open opportunity to tell others about your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The ungodly are kicking against God and are preparing to take control which will include coming against Christians just like they do in many other countries. God has told us what is coming so we are not taken by surprise. So, let us comfort one another with the fact Jesus is coming and make prayer our way of life so we are ready to meet our Savior.

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