What Is Happening In Australia – By Denis Bowden

The earth is changing rapidly. We are having record breaking floods, earthquakes, landslides and much more. One of these record breaking places is Australia. Denis Bowden lives in Australia and is giving their viewpoint of what is happening in their country among others. Read what they have to say: The world is currently experiencing the heartache of flood, earthquake, volcano and the ravages of famine. Wars and rumour of war confront us everywhere. America and Australia are still actively engaged in defending our interests in Afghanistan and…

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Is There a Connection Between Natural Disasters and God’s Judgment?

Storms have been raging through out the world. They come quickly and destroy everything in its path within seconds. The world is witnessing record breaking flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, sinkholes, etc. And they are increasing in numbers and in strength leaving people without homes and food. Is the world paying attention? Job 37 makes it clear God controls the weather. This chapter not only tells us God controls all weather but tells us His purpose.Job 37:13 KJV He causeth it to come, whether for correction, or for…

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