Church Pastor Does Not Fear Persecution

The Pastors name is Paul. He leads a small house church in eastern India. Persecution of Christians in India is violent and frequent. And this is not the first time he has been attacked for his faith.  Pastor Faces Persecution Pastor says in the article, “My physical body might be weak, but my spirit is very strong, it will not break with persecution. They tried to kill me twice, I was almost dead, but I still did not die. I will not die until the Lord…

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John MacArthur Makes a Statement About Beth Moore, Was This Necessary

John MacArthur's statement about Beth Moore brought out emotions, loyalty, and opinions. All of this is about a situation that took place at "Truth Matters Conference" by John MacArthur. Below is a video of what was said and occurred at this conference. John MacArthur responds to a one word panel discussion at the "Truth Matters Conference". The one word given him was Beth Moore.  You can read more about what happened on many websites. John MacArthur's statement for many was offensive but the focus is to…

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