Israel and Why Is She Important

Israel is very important to God, because in His word He tells us why from Genesis to Revelation. If you read scripture then you know Israel is God's chosen people. Does that make others less important? No, but it is not about who is more important than others. This is about history and what Israel stands for. Below is a start to learn about the history of Israel. Israel - Is Jacob History of Israel 1 History of Israel 2 History of Israel 3 Quick view…

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Why Jerusalem Is Important

Jerusalem is important to God and therefore Jerusalem is to be important to all His children. We will look at the history of Jerusalem as well as the present and the future on this page. Jerusalem was the capital under King David over 3000 years ago, and Jerusalem was established as the capital of his kingdom for 33 years. The dividing of Jerusalem will become the focus of all nations as they cannot allow the Jews to have control over her. Mid-East Bible Prophecy: Jerusalem Divided…

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Is Monitoring You Going to Bring World Peace

In the bible we are told there is a time coming when no one can buy or sell without the mark of Satan (Revelation 13:17). We have no idea what that mark is but we do know it will control the life of every person, that is, if you take the mark you can conduct business to provide for yourself and family. If you do not take the mark you will eventually starve or be killed. Things have not reached this point yet but what we are…

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How Can One Tiny Country Cause so much Upheaval

Classic Style Simple Map of IsraelIsrael is so small on the map the name is written over the water and yet they are in the news everyday. The news will have us believe it is because neither the land or the city of Jerusalem belong to the Jews. The news and anyone who thinks God is finished with His chosen people are going to be in for a big shock. There is coming a time called the Day of the Lord, the last days, the time…

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