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Writing On The Wall – Daniel 5

The Writing On The Wall To say these are the last days, takes on a whole new meaning as we watch the lies, corruption, deception, and demonic evil come to the conclusion they are finally reigning. Their greatest opportunity for world domination has arrived. But God needs His own to know their “writing on the …

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EFCA Teaching Broken Scripture

The church is growing colder by the minute instead by the hour. An article titled: “EFCA Now Considers Premillennialism a Non-Essential” states “Many of the 350,000 people who belong to EFCA churches still believe Jesus will return to earth to reign as king for 1,000 years, but the denomination no longer considers that doctrine essential to …

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does mystic, spiritual and new age belong in christianity

Does Mystic, Spiritual and New Age belong in Christianity

Mystic, spiritual and new age teaching is now integrated in the church. These teachings are denying the the True Word of God. The bible tells us clearly not to do this in Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19. However, this is common and this type of teaching is being accepted among many people. An article titled “New …

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Separating Christ From Christmas

Where is Christ in Christmas today? Everywhere we went we heard “Happy Holidays” and we would smile and say “Merry Christmas”. To our surprise mostly everyone said “Merry Christmas” back to us.  So why are people conditioning to say “Happy Holidays”? Well, most have no idea why we even say the words Merry Christmas or …

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