Sacrifice Your Children, Food and Your Home For Climate Change. Are You In?

Giving Up Everything For To Save The Planet How did we get here? Where, you might ask? To the place where freedom is deeply hated. Of course, those who have never lived under the utter destruction and misery of a cruel and oppressive dictator shout against freedom the loudest. Why? Because the loss of freedom is for you and me. Is this what global warming is really about?   "The environmentalists claim that if they're not allowed to have their way, the planet will be destroyed.…

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What Is Happening In Australia – By Denis Bowden

The earth is changing rapidly. We are having record breaking floods, earthquakes, landslides and much more. One of these record breaking places is Australia. Denis Bowden lives in Australia and is giving their viewpoint of what is happening in their country among others. Read what they have to say: The world is currently experiencing the heartache of flood, earthquake, volcano and the ravages of famine. Wars and rumour of war confront us everywhere. America and Australia are still actively engaged in defending our interests in Afghanistan and…

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