Sacrifice Your Children, Food and Your Home For Climate Change. Are You In?

Giving Up Everything For To Save The Planet How did we get here? Where, you might ask? To the place where freedom is deeply hated. Of course, those who have never lived under the utter destruction and misery of a cruel and oppressive dictator shout against freedom the loudest. Why? Because the loss of freedom is for you and me. Is this what global warming is really about?   "The environmentalists claim that if they're not allowed to have their way, the planet will be destroyed.…

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Pope Francis, Globalist and New World Religion Mentioned at Summit

In the article it says "The Pope wants globalism to replace traditional religion." The last days began when Jesus Christ ascended back to heaven. Scripture tells us Christ is returning. All the way through, the bible gives insight into what the Tribulation time will be like. This lines up with those insights. Revelation 13:1-4 tells us there is coming an Anti-christ. His objective will be to rule all. In the time of the Tribulation there will be 10 nations by which the Anti-christ rules. (Daniel 7:3-6).…

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Eat The Dead, Destroy The Plants and Block The Sun

It would seem "climate change" is the umbrella under which all kinds of deception that can be promoted as truth. To understand more please read the article "Globalist media ordered to start pushing cannibalism as a food source; planetary collapse of Earth’s biosphere is now being engineered". This article addresses the following: cannibalism eating insects elimination of carbon and being able to dim the sun. All of these are being promoted as a way to save the earth thereby saving you. Is this true? We must go…

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