Coronavirus Causing Fear and Panic, How Should Believers Respond?

Last Updated on April 25th, 2020 at 11:50 amThe coronavirus is now seen as a “global pandemic.” And yet, the world has not skipped a beat when it comes to pushing godless agendas and persecuting Christians, 1 Peter 3:15-17.  Our world is in a mess. Current events are redefining our normal. The coronavirus is in …

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EarthNow Monitoring Our Everymove

Last Updated on April 24th, 2020 at 09:10 amEarthNow will be monitoring our every move. In this article they tell you what they want to achieve and when they want it implemented.   EarthNow Is Ready To Watch The World “If a follow-up Series A round comes together the way Hannigan and his team hope …

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What Is Happening in Hong Kong & Taiwan

Last Updated on July 13th, 2020 at 11:56 am The people in Taiwan do not want to come under the laws and rule of China. They want to be an independent free state but the Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Quan stated to Reuters: “However, we must firmly point out that seeking Taiwan independence is a …

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does mystic, spiritual and new age belong in christianity

Does Mystic, Spiritual and New Age belong in Christianity

Last Updated on October 3rd, 2020 at 09:44 amMystic, spiritual and new age teaching is now integrated in the church. These teachings are denying the the True Word of God. The bible tells us clearly not to do this in Deuteronomy 4:2 and Revelation 22:18-19. However, this is common and this type of teaching is being …

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Saul becomes Paul, Lies become Truth – Word of Encouragement

Paul did not always see Jesus as someone worthy to be known. Paul came from a background filled with honorary heritage. He followed the law and trusted in his own righteousness. Also, he had great accomplishments under his belt at a young age (Galatians 1:14, Philippians 3:7-9). So he knew and understood who Jesus claimed to be. He considered Jesus claims to be heresy. This caused him to hunt and kill believers (Acts 9:1-2).