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New Law Saddens our Hearts but Remember God Hears and Sees All

Last Updated on May 2nd, 2020 at 05:20 pm

The new law in New York allowing the killing of babies at any time during the pregnancy, even up to birth has not stopped in New York. The why is fairly simple, depopulation.
It is the how that is hard to understand. How can anyone think it is ok to kill someone who is defenseless, helpless, and innocent? The first step was to reduce a living person to an IT and thereby devalue human life. That has brought us here but it still does not answer the how.

Romans 1:18-32 is one place that gives us the how. God is rejected, the boundaries of good and evil have been rejected, and now the mind is “debased“. The word debased means of absolutely no use because those with a debased mind have no moral character. The character of the godless is described in detail in verses 28-32. How sad they can smile and laugh at what they see as a victory to murder. My how this resembles scripture of calling evil good and good evil.

This is how evil is called good and good is called evil.

Evil is Good and Good is Evil

This is such a double edged sword, as in, my heart is so heavily grieved for the sinful acts that are and will be committed not only to the innocent baby but by all those involved. But as a believer I know this is one of the signs of how close we are to the coming of our Lord Jesus the Christ, 2 Timothy 3:1-5. So, then it becomes how do I glorify God and shine the Light of Christ into such darkness.

Heavenly Father, I pray You bring someone into the life of those who are thinking of aborting their baby. I pray Your love and grace so overwhelms their sin they confess their sin, repent, and turn to You. Lord, I pray for those who are on the front lines and watching this happen on their streets and in their families. I pray, we as believers, do not become afraid, angry, or hopeless as we watch evil making its perceived advancements. Jesus, You called us Your light in darkness and even those with the flicker of a candle will shine brightly. Lord, let us take comfort in Your Word, through the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, and be a comfort to one another. Even so, come Lord Jesus come. Amen

Carter Conlon has a sermon called “Pushing Back This Present Darkness“.

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1 thought on “New Law Saddens our Hearts but Remember God Hears and Sees All”

  1. It is heartbreaking..
    Vermont passed H-57 even though Gov. Phil Scott said he was not for abortion pre-election.
    A Vermont Catholic Bishop opposed the bill and the state claims his statements are false..
    Vermont claims the bill does not allow abortions up till birth, but in the same breath states that there are no restrictions..
    It is claimed that there are no doctors qualified to perform an abortion after 24 weeks and that it would never happen.
    But what is to stop a ” qualified clinic” from moving into one of these states without restrictions? under the current law they could..
    When a law is left open ended, anything can happen..
    President Trump who may lack speaking etiquette, calls it “barbaric” to rip a child from a mothers womb.. people hate him for speaking the truth.
    I am sure you have had your share of haters, but God delights in truth.


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