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Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, it does.

The Muslims want the world to be under Sharia Law.
The LGBTQ people want everyone to agree with their lifestyle
and in the mix is “save the planet“.

For us who still think for ourself and live in reality, we see the fight for who rules is inevitable. The news articles are a reflection of this reality. Why is this important?

In Revelation we find the one who God will allow to rule the world for 7 years and he is called the Anti-christ. He pretends to bring peace but he really brings war, famine, and much more.

In Revelation chapter 6:5-6 it says there is coming a great famine on the earth. Famine is caused by many things, including war, but to know that the depletion of CO2 in the air stifles the growth of plant life, the scientists know the truth, they push for it anyways which means there is a hidden agenda in play.

Revelation 13 tells us what the bottom line is, the leader of the One World Order (Anti-christ) wants to be worshipped as God. Once someone controls the economics and the food, the people are controlled. Satan is using many strategies to move people away from the true and living Lord God and it looks like he is doing a bang up job. But remember, we have been warned about and let in on the future plans God has for His people (Israelites, Amos 9:15), the church (believers now, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), and the Anti-christ (Satan, Revelation 20:10). God, through His word, has told us the character and attitudes of people toward one another and Christ, will become filled with more and more hate but we are not to look at the storm, instead, be ready for Jesus is coming.


  1. International Union for Muslim Scholars demands sharia worldwide, “calls on non-Muslim countries to ban the spread of hatred against Islam”
  2. Hundreds of Muslim parents protest school in Britain over LGBT curriculum
  3. CO2 levels dangerously low for our planet; optimum levels of 800 – 1200 ppm would unleash reforestation, greening and food crop production

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