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We have known about censorship for some time, but things are moving so fast that it is hard to digest all the changes we know about, much less the ones waiting in the wings. Knowing that freedom worldwide will be destroyed does not make watching it disappear any easier. The articles make it clear where the internet is headed and what its purpose is for the future. The world is turning away from God and therefore has no choice but to embrace lies. So, what is the end game? I have to tell you, it still awes me when the world fulfills scripture. What do I mean?

In Revelation 13, we are told about 2 beasts, 1 is the beast of the sea and the other is the beast of the earth. We will look at these very briefly.

The beast of the sea is the Antichrist. He will be highly intelligent and a very polished speaker. He will appear to be strong and competent to lead the world to peace. But that is only up front, the real objective is to be worshipped as God and control the world. This where the beast of the earth, the false prophet, comes in which is the world religion. He will force worship of the beast by killing anyone who refuses. People will also have to prove their loyalty to the Antichrist by taking his mark. The penalty for not taking the mark is the inability to buy or sell anything by anyone. Basically, it if you don’t take the mark, you will die by starvation, and if you don’t worship Satan, you will die by being beheaded. Either way, refusal ends the same way: with death.

That is a massive overview, but it clearly shows where the cashless push, the Internet of Things, the 2030 Agenda, the censorship of truth, and so on are heading. Currently, people are still buying the upside of all this, but soon the downside will come crashing onto the earth. If you see the writing on the wall, I hope Christ and prayer has become your focus. There are those who are tired of all the sin and are looking for the Truth, that is they are looking for what every true believer has, hope in a hopeless society spiraling downward.

Look up, for your Savior is drawing near!


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