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We are shut in our homes. Our life of going here and there has stopped. Is there a way to come out of this change? The following article gives biblical ways to allow God’s will be done in our life. 

I’m very hopeful in God during this crisis, but I’m also very aware of what lies ahead.

As I said in a recent article, “We are facing uncertain times. Within days, our entire way of life in America changed drastically. The pandemic has given most of us a new perspective about what is really important to us. God is giving us a chance to stop, take a breath, and focus on prayer. Discouragement is Satan’s tool to keep people in bondage, but it’s also God’s magnet to draw them to Himself.” For example, in just over two days, a sermon preached just a few days ago on this theme has over 125,000 views on just one of our media outlets.

I don’t say this to elevate anyone, but to show the power of God even in the midst of trials, and to demonstrate how hungry people are for the truth… read more by Christian Headlines

The life we are experiencing is an example of Paul. What Was Paul and Silas Response To The Suffering Inflicted By Persecution?

Cited: God’s Not Done: 3 Ways to Benefit from Trials

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