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Does Evil Win People & Children

As a watchman (Ezekiel 33:6) on the wall I am immersed in the evil that permeates this world. I read and come across ungodliness at every turn but this week it struck a nerve. There was a website that had been hacked and when you clicked on a page, instead of going to your desired page, you were taken to a child porn site. There are no words in any language to describe the utter horror and distress that I immediately felt.

Even now as I write this I know somewhere a child, a young one is being taken, sold, or abused. I began to pray for those young ones and I found myself (Holy Spirit, not me) praying for the wicked. While all this was going on I was reading a book by John MacArthur, NONE OTHER, and he was talking about God’s holiness and how evil will glorify God.

The Bible’s teaching on God’s love, holiness, and sovereignty is often met with questions about human responsibility, suffering, and evil. If God is in control of everything, can we make free choices? If God is good and all-powerful, how can we account for natural disasters and moral atrocities? Answers to these questions are often filled with technical jargon and personal assumptions that don’t take into account the full scope of biblical truth. excerpt by John MacArthur None Other book

I did not understand that at all until the moment I could pray in the face of such depravity.

I started out asking the where are You, how could You allow this to happen to the innocent but then I knew God sees all, God knows all, and vengeance belongs to God.

Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

Love filled my heart until it seemed to take my breath away for those who are blinded to the truth of their eternal future. It still doesn’t really make sense to me but I know God does not wish the evil to perish and those who are abused, oppressed, and exposed to torture I can’t even think of, God is able to heal any heart that has been shattered into a million pieces, I know this personally.

I have read and studied Romans 1 for years because I saw the future of society laid out perfectly but I have to say to have scripture come to life still amazes me.

Where is the encouragement hidden in this?

Romans 1, 2 Timothy 3, and many other verses in the bible describe the last days society and along with what is happening in Israel and Jerusalem; I encourage you to pray for the lost while setting your heart and eyes on the things in heaven. Pray for ears to hear when Jesus shouts, come up here. The bride of Christ is leaving this cursed world including the children and the ungodly will be so happy until they face God. I encourage you to contend for your faith to be that light someone so desperately needs, the evil and the innocent.

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