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Weather/Video News

Our weather and video news is information on what is happening around the world. These current events show how the rapture and the return of Christ is.

Please use discernment when viewing the videos below. Not all of them come from a biblical point of view. Some videos with a biblical point of view could be skewed. We are asking you watch with discernment and line everything they say up with the Word of God. It is difficult to find biblical based weather and video news.

**If you are not seeing the current videos then please refresh your page. Your browser could be caching this page.

Updated News, by AWK News

AWK News, We do not necessarily agree with everything that is said or promoted. We have chosen this channel because these videos speak of the times at hand and situations that are happening now. View the most current video at rumble.

Updated News, by Jason A

Jason A is a rss feed. We have choosen his channel because it represents the last days. These videos are to warn us of the times at hand and situations that are happening now.

2021 is Unlike Anything We've Seen! | Published: 01/16/2021

This Will Shock You! (2021 EVENTS) | Published: 01/10/2021

Updated News, by Erick Stakelbeck

The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck is a rss feed. Please use discernment when viewing these videos. We pray you line everything up with the Word Of God.