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By Jason A – My how things are changing fast. The line is being drawn between True Believers and those that just confess it. When persecution is heightened then we will see what happens. That is why we pray that you will come to know Jesus through a Personal Relationship! Not religion 🙂 — January 25, 2020

By Erick Stakelbeck – Inside Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan; World’s Oldest Inhabited City?
— January 25, 2020

Earthquake Updates, by Dutchsinse
Where Is Dutchsinse


1-18-2020 We have provided more information on what happened to Dutchsinse.

Read the update on Dutchsinse here on Twitter. Here is his twitch channel.

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President Trump loves children including the unborn. He is a very prolife President.  Prolife is where every believer is to ...
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China's Surveillance State Becoming Global Open Doors CEO along with Chinese pastors warn us about China's surveillance state status. What ...
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Jeopardy Is In Jeopardy For Saying Bethlehem is in Israel On Their Show The war continues for Jerusalem and who ...
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Fires Rage On In Australia "We had no idea where to start," the devastated Killabahk resident admitted before Samaritan's Purse ...
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