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Bible Prophecy Updates

Our bible prophecy updates will have information on what is happening from a biblical standpoint. These pastors, speakers, or teachers provide in depth teaching on current events and line them with scripture. These prophecy updates show how close we are to a specific chapter in the bible. We also select certain pastors who speak on end time events and warn you of the things to come. We hope you enjoy our bible prophecy update teachings.

These prophecy messages are relevant to what is happening today. We pray you come to know Jesus and live his word.

Steeling the Mind Bible Conference – Compass International – 3-16-2024
YouTube video
James Kaddis
Behold Israel – Amir Tsarfati
A & Ω Productions
Jan Markell
Hope For The Times
Billy Crone
Jack Van Impe
JD Farag
It Cannot Be Much Longer 8-28 (starts at 28:31)

Pastor JD explains why it is that it cannot be much longer before the rapture and the time of the end.

The Tail Wagging The Dog 8-21

Pastor JD explains the well-known idiom of “The Tail Wagging the Dog” from a prophetic perspective as it relates to the world influencing the lukewarm last days church.

Happening Now by Jack Hibbs
Don Stewart
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