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Our prophecy updates is information on what is happening from a biblical stand point. These pastors, speakers or teachers provide in depth teaching on current events and line them with scripture. These prophecy updates show how close we are to a specific chapter in the bible. 

We also select certain pastors that speak on end time events and warn you of the things to come. We hope you enjoy our bible prophecy update teachings.

Bible Teaching

Middle East Update | Amir Tsarfati — 8-9-2020

Bible Teaching

The Ultimate Extreme Make-Over, 1 Corinthians 15:35-49 | David Jeremiah — 8-9-2020

Bible Teaching

The Antichrist and the Surveillance State | Billy Crone — 8-9-2020

Bible Teaching

Defining Social Justice | Dr. Voddie Baucham — 8-9-2020

Jan Markell Prophecy Update Videos, by Olive Tree Ministries
jan markell prophecy updates

The Invisible Enemy: Covid 19-84, Twila Brase - 8-12-2020
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Free Speech Gone Thanks to Covid 19-84 - August 11, 2020

This weekend, YouTube/Google decided Understanding the Times Radio was not keeping the proper narrative on Covid 19-84. They took our radio programming down. We lost likely at least 100,000 viewers. read more

From: LHWM
If Jan Markell's youtube channel comes back then we will add it, but for now we will have to manually add her updates each week.