Changes Coming To Living His Word

Hello everyone,

We want to thank you for visiting our website. We have exciting news that we need to share with you. As some of you might know Jennifer is our computer person. As she attends school and works as an I.T. Tech, she is learning more about page speed, seo, accessibility e.g. With this being said we will be making changes:

  1. We are changing our theme so that our page will load faster, be accessible and all the other things we need.
  2. If you have noticed we have added an accessibility icon in the lower left hand corner of the web-page. This allows anyone to change and modify the web-page. If you have questions or concerns about this icon, please contact us.
  3. When our new theme is live, there will be some messy areas. This means we would appreciate your patience as we change and fix the messy areas.

We hope these new changes make the website easier to navigate all the way around.

Again we appreciate your time, patience and for visiting our website to learn more about Jesus. Please share our website with as many people as you like. If you have any questions regarding our changes, please let us know.

God Bless you and Thank you

Living His Word

1 thought on “Changes Coming To Living His Word”

  1. Congratulations, you have done a great job with what you have learned already, but God always opens the door for advancement!
    God Bless you and the ministry.


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