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What Are The 2 Principles Of Inner and Outer Worship?

The inner and outer principles of worship include praise, serve, fear the Lord and more. But worship is more than external works it also involves the right internal attitude. In order to move forward we must know what the word worship means.  How is worship defined? worship -..worth-ship, worthiness, honour…. the performance of devotional acts …

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What Is Salvation?

Salvation is the work of God rescuing or saving us from standing guilty before God in our sin and having to pay the cost of sin. Romans 6:23 tells us the cost of sin is death. This is why every person who has ever lived and is living will die. When a person dies physically, they go …

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does evil win, heaven or hell

Does Evil Win People & Children

As a watchman (Ezekiel 33:6) on the wall I am immersed in the evil that permeates this world. I read and come across ungodliness at every turn but this week it struck a nerve. There was a website that had been hacked and when you clicked on a page, instead of going to your desired …

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