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What Are The 2 Principles Of Inner and Outer Worship?

The inner and outer principles of worship include praise, serve, fear the Lord and more. But worship is more than external works it also involves the right internal attitude. In order to move forward we must know what the word worship means.  How is worship defined? worship -..worth-ship, worthiness, honour…. the performance of devotional acts …

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3 Warnings Concerning Second Coming Of Christ

Our focus will be on the 3 warnings before second coming of Christ. There are more events that will happen other than these 3. The 3 events we will talk about are in Matthew 24. Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. There shall be famines and pestilence. There shall be earthquakes in …

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As In The Days Of Noah

In this study, we will look at society in Noah’s day to see the reflection in our society today. We will do this because God has a plan and within that plan there are lines that when crossed brings His wrath. And though He is long-suffering, He will judge sin. The articles written today show we …

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