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Birth Pains In The Last Days

Our birth pains in the last days are descriptive bible teachings on current events happening around the world.

What is going on world wide?

The bible calls this birth pains (Matthew 24:). We provide a biblical view of events taking place around the world by lining it up with the Word of God. The birth pains in the last days is just the beginning of what is to come. In our teachings we provide news and videos to show how close Christ Return is.

So what are the birth pains in the last days?

The world as a whole is pushing out the Jesus Christ of scripture. Bibles are being altered to present a different Christ. Those in the pulpits, for the most part, no longer even pretend to read scripture much less verse by verse. What is happening to Israel and in the Middle East are big red flags showing we are coming closer to the time of the Tribulation.

If you are thinking, no way, things have always been the same and they will stay the same; that is end time thinking (2 Peter 3:4). Things are moving forward rapidly on the prophetic home-front. It is time to still the fears and anxieties of those who have no understanding of what looks like out of control chaos and to encourage those who are on the front lines of the believers spiritual battles. Jesus is coming and we will finish our race.

Current Birth Pains In The Last Days
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