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Should We Be Cussing Or Using Profanity Words

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Under openbible.info here is a list of scriptures of what God says about what we say concerning our mouth and heart. Yes, our heart is involved when we speak. Let’s take a look below at a couple of scriptures:

  1. Colossians 3:8 ESV But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth.
  2. Ephesians 4:29 ESV Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.
  3. Matthew 15:10-11 ESV And he called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand: it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.”
  4. Matthew 12:36-37 ESV I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
  5. James 3:10 ESV From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.
  6. Luke 6:45 ESV The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart produces what is upright (honorable and intrinsically good), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.

There are more scriptures that talk about your heart and mouth. As you read these scriptures you can see that God does not approve of obscene talk, corruption, and we will be held accountable for every careless word we speak, yikes.



It helps to understand what the words mean, because sometimes we think we may know what a word means but the most important is what God says it means.

Cursing/Cuss – 1. an offensive word that people say when they are angry 2. Magical words that are said to cause trouble or bad luck for someone or the condition that results when such words are said / 1. curse
Profanity – offensive language or an offensive word


Our mouth and heart have a lot to with how our life is lived each day.

What does it say about our MOUTH?
Figurative Sense: (1) The "mouth" denotes language, speech, declaration (compare "lips," "tongue," which see): "By the mouth of" is "by means of," "on the declaration of" (Luke 1:70; Acts 1:16); "Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be slain at the mouth of witnesses" (Nu 35:30; compare Deuteronomy 17:6; Mt 18:16; Hebrews 10:28); "I will give you mouth and wisdom" (Luke 21:15); "fool's mouth" (Proverbs 18:7). (2) "Mouth" also denotes "spokesman": "He shall be to thee a mouth" (Ex 4:16).

Numerous are the idiomatic phrases which have, in part, been introduced into English by means of the language of the Bible. "To put into the mouth," if said of God, denotes Divine inspiration… read more here

What does it say about our HEART?
According to the Bible, the heart is the centre not only of spiritual activity, but of all the operations of human life. "Heart" and "soul" are often used interchangeably (Deuteronomy 6:5; 26:16; comp. Matt 22:37; Mark 12:30, 33), but this is not generally the case.

The heart is the "home of the personal life," and hence a man is designated, according to his heart, wise (1 Kings 3:12, etc.), pure (Ps 24:4; Matt 5:8, etc.), upright and righteous (Gen 20:5, 6 Ps 11:2; 78:72), pious and good (Luke 8:15), etc. In these and such passages the word "soul" could not be substituted for "heart."

The heart is also the seat of the conscience (Rom 2:15). It is naturally wicked (Gen 8:21), and hence it contaminates the whole life and character (Matt 12:34; 15:18; comp. Eccl 8:11; Ps 73:7). Hence the heart must be changed, regenerated (Ezekiel 36:26; 11:19; Ps 51:10-14), before a man can willingly obey God.

The process of salvation begins in the heart by the believing reception of the testimony of God, while the rejection of that testimony hardens the heart (Ps 95:8; Proverbs 28:14; II Chronicles 36:13). "Hardness of heart evidences itself by light views of sin; partial acknowledgment and confession of it; pride and conceit; ingratitude; unconcern about the word and ordinances of God; inattention to divine providences; stifling convictions of conscience; shunning reproof; presumption, and general ignorance of divine things."

As you have read your heart and mouth are actually one in most scriptures in the bible. So how does this affect me daily if I choose to speak curse words? Well it affects you because we have a responsibility concerning our words and what comes out of our mouth. Whether we meant it or not, it does not matter. God will take it literally unless we repent and stop speaking in that manner. Then it will be forgiven and remembered no more. In scripture it talks about the responsibility of our mouths if we choose to speak negatively. Let’s take a look at some – according to the Amplified bible it states: Responsibilities to our mouths

Keep your mouth from
Arrogance – I Samuel 2:3
Cursing – James 3:9-10
Flattery – Proverbs 26:28
Lies – Revelation 14:5
Perversity – Proverbs 4:24
Sin – Ecclesiastes 5:6
Unwholesome Talk – Ephesians 4:29

Look these up in your bible and read what each one says about our mouths against God. If you understand what your mouth is doing then you will understand why certain things are happening in your life. This can be simple or hard, but the next step is to stop and pray for God to clean your heart of all filth that is in there.

If you have been hurt then you’re going to need healing. Whatever the case may be of why you are choosing a foul mouth is not impossible to stop. Listen to what you are saying, and observe yourself.

2 Corinthians 13:5 Examine and test and evaluate your own selves to see whether you are holding to your faith and showing the proper fruits of it. Test and prove yourselves [not Christ]. Do you not yourselves realize and know [thoroughly by an ever-increasing experience] that Jesus Christ is in you—unless you are [counterfeits] disapproved on trial and rejected? Ask Jesus to examine your heart -

Psalm 26:2. Now that you understand how this is affecting you let’s move forward of what our mouth and heart was made for.


Here are some basic scriptures of how we should be using our heart and mouth according to the Lord. This is not all the scripture, and we highly suggest you do some research yourself. In fact here is a start for you – HEART & MOUTH

Appropriate functions of our mouths
TO PRAISE GOD – Psalm 63:5
TO SING TO THE LORD – Psalm 40:30
TO REVEAL GOD’S WORD – Deuteronomy 18:18
TO SPEAK WORDS – Psalm 19:14
TO LAUGH WITH JOY – Psalm 126:2
SPEAK WHAT IS WISE – Psalm 37:30
GUIDE THEM PROPERLY – Proverbs 16:23
GUARD THEM PROPERLY – Proverbs 21:23

There are a lot of words to be spoken in a different manner other than negative and foul language. God says He sets before us each day life and good, and death and evil. He even goes as far as to help us what to choose. We are to choose LIFE Deuteronomy 30:15.

If you understand your words are speaking life and curses upon you each day then you might just quickly rethink how you speak. God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit loves us but God will not tolerate our sin. He loves us because He created us! He also gave us the choice to choose how we will serve Him. We hope this teaching was a blessing to you, thank you for reading.


Biblegateway.com (we use Bible verses from this site)

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