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Church Of Ephesus - Are Works Enough?

Sunday January 20, 2019

Revelation also comes with the promise that those who read, hear, and keep what is written will be blessed. The book of Revelation tells things that are clear and things that are not right now. But those who live in the time of the Tribulation will see all clearly as they experience the scriptures becoming their reality. For now, to read and study Revelation along with all of scripture helps put pieces together and sheds light on the events happening. Revelation warns God's wrath is coming upon ... Read More

Bible - Revelation 1:1

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Church of Smyrna

Saturday March 16, 2019

Through the Apostle John, Jesus is writing letters to His church and this letter is a word of encouragement to a severly persecuted church. Before we move forward it helps if we know a little about Smyrna. It was one of the top cities of the Roman Empire, that is, they loved Rome and Rome loved them. The Roman Empire had done alot for them and in return they were loyal subjects. So, when it was time to bow before Ceasar and call him a god and join in the feasts to worship their many gods, ... Read More

Bible - Revelation 2:8

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Church Of Thyatira

Saturday April 06, 2019

In each letter we will see Jesus addressing two groups (those who are obeying God and those who follow and listen to false doctrine) of people and reveal His different attributes. Jesus has revealed He is; The One who holds the leaders of the church and walks among His church, Revelation 1:20, 2:1 He is the first and last, Revelation 1:8,17-18 & 2:8 first - that is He is the most important above all last- 2078 exatos (from esxaton, "end, last")- properly, last, final (the furthest, extre... Read More

Bible - Revelation 2:18

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Church of Pergamum

Saturday April 13, 2019

Jesus wants His church to know what pleases Him and what He will not tolerate. He also wants them and us to know: 1) He knows everything 2) He sees everything 3) He knows specific details and personal details. Jesus is a personal Lord and Savior. Jesus tells us what is required of His own whether it be in our faith or in sin. The Commendation Jesus first tells them I know where you live and I see the seat of Satan is in Pergamum. I watch as you hold to your faith even in the face o... Read More

Bible - Revelation 2:12

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Church Of Sardis

Friday April 19, 2019

Today is Sunday, church going day. It has been a blessed week, wonderful morning and I feel great. I can't wait to hear beautiful music that gives me goosebumps and a beautiful sermon so I leave feeling beautiful about myself. Everything went normal until the preacher steps up to the pulpit to preach because he seemed so nervous. It was like he hadn't preached every day for years. He put his paper on the pulpit and began to read, not his words, but words from the mouth of God given to the Apostl... Read More

Bible - Revelation 3:1

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Church Of Philadelphia

Monday June 03, 2019

Out of the seven churches there are two that Jesus held nothing against. The church in Smyrna and this church. These two churches had similarities. Both churches were being persecuted by the Jews. In Smyrna and here in Philadelphia Jesus refers to the "synagogue of Satan." He says they call themselves Jews but they are not. The church in Smyrna was enduring death for their faith, and Jesus told them they will be given the crown of everlasting life. The church in Philadelphia was to hold t... Read More

Bible - Revelation 3:7

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Church Of Laodicea

Saturday June 15, 2019

Jesus revealed the sins being committed in the church and Who He is in these letters. This is a letter where the church believes one thing and Jesus is telling them, no your believing a lie and tells them the Truth, so basically this a he said she said conversation. In Rev 3:17, we find the peoples assessment of themselves. They believe they are: 1) rich, 2) have prospered in things, and 3) are in need of nothing. What do they believe about themselves? 1. rich- 4145-plousios.... Read More

Bible - Revelation 3:14

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Ezekiel 33:6 "But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman's hand." (Amplified Bible)

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