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As the Day Approaches

By Hal Lindsey

Global plagues and pestilence… rumors of war… earthquakes in “diverse places”… men crying “peace and safety”… lawlessness… persecution of Christians… growing Antisemitism… increasing violence… a worldwide mental health crisis… Iran’s alliance with Russia and Turkey… apostasy in the churches.

These are all biblical signs of the soon return of Jesus, and they’re heating up as never before. The technology the Antichrist will use to rule the world economy has been invented and is being implemented right now. An atmosphere of desperation has made the world ripe for the Antichrist’s plucking.

The signs go on and on and on. The accuracy of Bible prophets in talking about our time is nothing less than miraculous. And yet, most evangelical churches refuse to point it out. It’s too controversial. Christians don’t want to hear about it because they have placed their hopes and dreams in this world. They don’t spend their time thinking about the things of God. They prefer to think about what they’re going to do when their lottery ticket hits — the homes they will own and the cars they will drive. Sometimes they selflessly dream about what they will do for others. But the center of those dreams is not Christ and His eternal kingdom, but the earth and its pleasures… keep reading

God Spoke About His Return

Jesus gave a sermon in chapters 24-25 of Matthew answering questions His disciples had ask Him. The disciples wanted to know when the temple would be destroyed, what is the sign of His return, and the end of this age. We know when this age ends the Tribulation begins. But for the disciples they took what Jesus said and looked through the lens of the Old Testament scriptures. They had some gaps missing in their thinking… read our birth pains in the last days summary

Matthew 24:5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

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