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Pedophile Network Undercover In Your Backyard? Do you approve?

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What Is Happening To Our Children?

This information is a HOT topic right now on twitter for banning 0hour because they were exposing the pedophiles and the trafficking of children (as young as an infant). When they canceled his account people began to talk and take notice to what was happening. This began in November 2016. Please share this as much as you can and tell as many people as you can. We need to pray against this. Imagine your child being involved in this scandal. They are scared and we need to speak up for these children. This saddens our heart and is very disturbing on many levels.


Living His Word strongly supports Children being SAFE! You should be aware of your surroundings and what your children are doing. They will love you for this! They do not understand all the danger that is out there. These articles below are disturbing and some language is in them. Please prepare yourself. These articles are exposing PEDOPHILES and you will not believe who is involved. This makes us sick to our stomach. Your about to find out who is involved in promoting these children. The purpose of sharing these articles is make us aware of what is going on around us, to tell as many people as you can, and to pray against such evilness. Prayer is powerful! Protect your children at all cost.

  2. The hashtag #TwitterGate has been trending nearly all day long. It started over a user going by the handle of 0hour being suspended by Twitter. The user is a member of the hacking group Anonymous, and they were working to expose thousands of pedophiles operating through Twitter. After they were suspended, users began asking questions and began trending #TwitterGate and #PizzaGate.....
  3. Subway knew about Jared Fogle sex complaints as early as 2004, ex-wife's lawsuit says
  4. Subway ignored complaints about its pedophile pitchman Jared Fogle for more than a decade, parading him around children while reaping billions of dollars in profit, a lawsuit from Fogle's ex-wife alleges. The suit, filed Tuesday by Katie McLaughlin, says Subway "failed every test of corporate responsibility" until Fogle's bust last year for a series of child sex crimes.....
  5. Five Ways to Get Banned from Twitter
  6. Exposing pedophilia: There are good legal reasons for Twitter to stop people making willy-nilly accusations of pedophilia. But what about exposing people who have already admitted that they're pedophiles? Twitter will still ban you....
  7. PEDOPHILES EXPOSED? Reddit Bans PizzaGate Sub-Reddit
  8. Reddit has banned the infamous PizzaGate civilian investigation into a potential elite pedophile group in Washington, D.C. The alleged pedophile ring has been investigated for using Comet Ping Pong's pizzeria to traffic children. Reddit users are now greeted with the message below when attempting to access to the sub-reddit.....
  9. DC PizzaGate: A Primer UPDATED 11/24
  10. I've created this blog to share the information 4chan has collectively gathered and researched about a suspected pedophilia and human trafficking ring that we seem to have uncovered existing within our DC politicians and the elite class. It all started with one incredibly suspicious email that had skeptics suggesting they weren't actually talking about pizza, but rather in code. Here it is;....
  11. Emails being sent out to promote pedophilia by wikileaks
  12. Subject: Henry A. Giroux | Academic Madness and the Politics of Exile 2014-11-18 19:17 2016-11-08 messenger@truthout.org podesta@law.georgetown.edu
    Subject: Comet. 2008-10-03 00:37 2016-11-08 jamesacorp@gmail.com john.podesta@gmail.com, jgendelman@americanprogress.org Subject: Fwd: INVITE: Hillary for America / October 6 2015-10-07 02:09 2016-11-08 podesta@podesta.com john.podesta@gmail.com
    ....click title to view more emails
  13. Hacker group Anonymous publishes internet addresses of 190 paedophiles in hi-tech 'sting'
  14. 'Hacktivist' group Anonymous has outed 190 alleged paedophiles by revealing their IP addresses - a unique internet address which can be used to trace their physical address. The information was supposedly harvested in 24 hours from a 'darknet' site invisible to normal web users, by tricking posters into downloading tracker software.
  15. Besta Pizza is owned by Andrew Kline of the Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit of the DOJ [Pizza Parties Exposed]
  16. Another connection has been made on the international child smuggling / pedophile ring being exposed thanks to the wikileaks revelations. The trail is still hot, there are far too many leads for a single person to follow and they are clearly aware that the net is closing.....
  17. Symbols of Pedophiles from the FBI - click to view letter
  18. Besta Pizza Logo - located on their site - the pictures below were taken today 11-25-2016

  19. this picture was taken today from google maps
    (click the picture to view yourself before it is taken down)

Look at the Besta logo symbol it has just recently been changed. On Yelp they are receiving alot of comments, because people are warning them about this place. So today when we visited them on yelp this is what appeared below. They just got caught and are now cleaning house and changing things up. If you viewed the Symbols of pedophiles from the FBI (#8) then you know they are apart of this. They have not stopped hurting children all they did was change their logo a bit. Do you see?

Pedophile symbol

trying to hide the pedophile symbol

This image is showing you they are cleaning house.
Why would they need to delete your comment? Does anyone know what the 4 and 7 mean?

Do you see these places, COMET, BUCK's, and BESTA Pizza place. All together!
(click on the image to be directed to google maps)

Besta Pizza
5029 Connecticut Ave.
NW, Washington, DC 20008

We understand that this video has bad language (beware)!
This video puts all these articles together and it is a breakdown.
CAUTION WHEN VIEWING!! He reads the f word and the d word.

PizzaGate - DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta's Emails - Obama, Clintons, Andrew Kline

This is the start of an open source investigation into the Pizza Gate Pedophile Rings being run by Comet Ping Pong Pizza. This ring of Pedophiles is directly exposed by the emails from John Podesta and Tony Podesta. Also directly connected to this is DOJ Andrew Kline. The links I have compiled are below in this description. I will be uploading this video to the Steemit BlockChain so it will forever be on the internet, uncensorable in the block chain.

What do you think of all this so far? Do you believe what your reading and seeing?


by gotquestions.org
Question: "What does the Bible say about child sexual abuse?"

Answer: Sexual abuse perpetrated against a child is a deplorable reality of living in a sin-stricken world. The psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical damage of the abuse remain long after molestation has ended. The Bible speaks vehemently against hurting children and against sexual sins and perversions of all kinds. It also offers hope for healing and forgiveness.

Why does child sexual abuse happen? The short answer to "why" abuse happens is because we live in a world marred by sin. Often, those who molest children have themselves been molested. They may have been hurt in some other way as well and choose to victimize children in an attempt to regain a sense of power or worthiness. Many times, sexual abuse is a misguided attempt to find intimacy.

Whatever the emotional, familial, or psychological history of the molester, sexual abuse is evil. Molestation or sexual abuse is NEVER the fault of the abused child. Many victims of abuse experience shame and guilt. But children cannot be held responsible for crimes perpetrated against them. This is not to say that victims of abuse are absolved of responsibility for their own actions, including those prompted by scars of the abuse. But there is nothing shameful about having been abused. The shame belongs to the abuser alone.

What does the Bible say about sexual abuse against children?

Caring for children is spoken of highly in the Bible. For example, James 1:27 says that caring for children in need pleases God: "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." Ephesians 6:4 says, "Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord."

Psalm 127:3 calls children "a heritage from the Lord." Jesus' interactions with children (notably in Matthew 18) demonstrate the value God places on them. The Bible speaks often about caring for the weak, poor, and needy - and this would include at-risk children (Proverbs 14:31; 17:5; 19:17; 31:8-9).

Followers of Christ are consistently called to love others. Molesting a child can in no way be mistaken for love. The Bible also speaks strongly against sexual sin. Sex is a gift given by God meant for marriage. Sexual perversion of all kinds is soundly condemned. Sexually assaulting a child is never justifiable; it is always wrong.... read more


Psalm 72:4 May he defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy; may he crush the oppressor.

A believer in Christ knows that prayer is their most valuable weapon and love will cause them to use that weapon for their children. As Christians we are to pray unceasingly. The articles above clearly show that believers must take prayer for the children seriously. We must pray for all children. We no longer live in a time of safety and children are not ADULTS, they have no idea of the evil that surrounds them. As believers and parents we are to have discernment. When you walk into a place and the Holy Spirit begins to warn you, LEAVE, do not succumb to your gluttony or any other sin that would cause you to remain there. We can do our part to step up and do what God says, and God will do His part by answering our prayers.

Our prayer: Lord Jesus we thank you that as the light of the world you have shined your light on the darkness of this sin. We know that all that is done in secret will be put out for all to see. Lord we pray for those who are following this story and those who are investigating this story that you give them courage and wisdom, that you protect them and open all doors to destroy the pedophiles. Lord we do not understand but we do know you see and there will be justice for these children. Lord Jesus we ask that you make yourself real to these children and you give them hope of being more than who they believe they are. Lord hear our cry, answer our prayers, and show us the way! In Jesus name Amen.

John 1:5 And the Light shines on in the darkness, for the darkness has never overpowered it [put it out or absorbed it or appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it].

John 3:19 The [basis of the] judgment (indictment, the test by which men are judged, the ground for the sentence) lies in this: the Light has come into the world, and people have loved the darkness rather than and more than the Light, for their works (deeds) were evil.

John 12:46 I have come as a Light into the world, so that whoever believes in Me [whoever cleaves to and trusts in and relies on Me] may not continue to live in darkness.



**** here are the tweets from twitter and wikileaks to get updates
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  1. Do John and Tony Podesta Have a Connection with Missing Child, Madeleine McCann?
  2. Norwegian police arrest 20 men in pedophile network probe
  4. Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking - SHAME ON THEM! They do not know the truth and yet they have an opinion by saying everyone is posting fake news. What is your take on this?
  5. PIZZAGATE and the Worldwide Elite Pedophile Network - added 11-29-2016
  6. Presidential Executive Order on Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking 2-9-2017
  7. Thank you Lord our Prayers are being answered! Praise and be the Glory to God. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers! 2-11-2017
  8. President Trump Investigating "Pizza-Gate" Pedophile Elitest Ring 2-24-2017
    President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the Pizzagate elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and promised to help put an end to the "horrific, really horrific crimes taking place."
  9. Inside The Secret Pedophile Marketplace: Investigative report exposes secret world of dark web sex traffic - 4-20-2017
  10. Filthy mattresses, toddlers' shoes and dog collars: Inside the squalid Philippines home of 'sweating US predator who filmed the sexual abuse of children for international online pedophile ring' 5-11-2017 - Praise God another person was caught!

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