Sharing the Word of God & Biblical News

Our ministry teaches the Word of God (Jesus), and we provide bible studies for everyone. We also incorporate the word of God into our daily biblical news. Our bible teachings come straight from the Word of God. The word of God tells us everything about how to be, how to think, about history, what is to come, and much more. Our daily biblical news tells the truth of what is happening by lining it up with the Word of God. Learn about Jesus today and study His word.

We pray that you will come to know Jesus through a personal relationship.

Bible Studies on the Word of God

Living His Word’s bible studies are based on the Word of God, what it says, the context, and what it means. Staying in God’s Word is vital, especially in the times we live in today. We should be reading the word of God daily (Matthew 6:11). Reading and studying God’s Word is the only way to discern truth from lies.

New Bible Study
what is truth?

What Is Truth? Biblical Meaning

What is truth, is a question and a journey many embark on. There are many who claim there are different paths to finding the answer. Some look to themselves, other people, self-help books, etc. Most people, see the truth as either nonexistent, relevant, flexible, or unknowable. As believers, we look to the Word of God. …

Biblical News: What is Going On?

The Daily Biblical News we share does not follow the fake narrative of main stream media. This is news you will not see or hear on T.V. or radio. Having a biblical outlook helps to make sense of what is happening around the world.

New Biblical News

Did NBC Silence C.J. Stroud Interview or What Happened?

NBC did a recent interview with C.J. Stroud. What C.J. Stroud said was not what NBC showed. They edited the part where he gives glory and praise to Jesus Christ. …

How to Receive Salvation Through Jesus Christ

We cannot have peace with God or come to Him except through Jesus, the Messiah (John 14:6). God’s perfect Holiness will not tolerate sin. His perfect justice demands payment (Habakkuk 1:13). All have sinned and need salvation through Jesus.

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We are called to Share the Gospel

Do you really know what it means to share the love of Christ? We are to share the truth of God out of love for others. We do this because we know they are dying in their sin. Salvation is why we share the love of God. Sharing God’s love through His Truth is our calling.

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